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Photo Album--Wood's Influence

Owners listed where known

Incense Cedar of Cheshire
UD, ATDd, OTDs, STDc  "Cedar"
  HOF Ch Jones Reddy Teddy
CDX, OTDdsc, SchHA  "Theo" or "Ted"
  ROM Ch Briarbrook's Checkmate      "Marvin"
  IncCedrOfChesh.jpg (105518 bytes) IncCedrOfCheshWork.jpg (172470 bytes) JonesReddyTeddy_workLeg.jpg (138085 bytes) JonesReddyTeddy_stand.jpg (150980 bytes) JonesReddyTeddy_duck.jpg (160975 bytes) JonesReddyTeddy_sch.jpg (71462 bytes) JonesReddyTeddy_head.jpg (32401 bytes)  Checkmate.jpg (29800 bytes)
owner Katrin Hinrichs owner Cathy Jones owner Linda Wilson
Sorenson's Gunsmoke   Rowe's Comanche Warrior   Cloud 9's Brumby of Kel-Mar
SorensenGunsmoke.jpg (377994 bytes) SorensenGunsmokeJump.jpg (340079 bytes)   RoweCommancheWarrior_head.jpg (215652 bytes) RoweCommancheWarrior_Stand.jpg (221000 bytes) RoweCommancheWarrior_win.jpg (372727 bytes)    Cloud9BrumbyofKelMar.jpg (43279 bytes) 9_face.jpg (104697 bytes) 9_sheep.jpg (91737 bytes)
owner Dick Sorenson owner Jerry Rowe owner Kel-Mar
Cowtown Renoir  "Dylan" Kel-Mar's Herd Em of Colorado "Dino" Kel-Mar's Jessica
 dylan.jpg (253870 bytes) Dillion.jpg (36460 bytes)  Dino.jpg (74689 bytes) KelMarJessica.jpg (106845 bytes) Jessica2.jpg (23086 bytes) Jessica1.jpg (84611 bytes)  
owner Chevreherd owner Kel-Mar owner Kel-Mar
Newman's Blue Sprog CD, STDsc "Sprog" Outlaw's Little Bit of Annie "Bitsie"
 sprog_cows.jpg (78567 bytes) sprog_hog.jpg (125990 bytes) sprog_sheep.jpg (157107 bytes) sprog_bunny.jpg (179475 bytes) sprog_lamb.jpg (66950 bytes) Sprog w/ cattle, hogs, sheep, & bunnies OutlawBitAnnie.jpg (48348 bytes)
owner Casey Masterson Newman owner Kel-Mar
MyAKShadowDancer.jpg (27455 bytes) MutJesMyAKTara.jpg (93983 bytes)
owner Chevreherd


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