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Photo Album--Vest Influence 


WTCH Vest's Chargin' Belle Star   WTCH Vest's Bell Star Doc  "Doc"   Vest's Belle Star Jim  "Jim"
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WTCH Miss Eulah Goodnight
(line bred Vest)
  Chevreherd Basque to the Future STDs   "Sam" WTCH Vest Bell Star Lynn
(half brother to Jay of the Chevreherd Fab Four)
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Lynn Highlights:

Chevreherd admired Bob's comments about Lynn as printed in the ASCA Working Trial Champions book (1992 to 2000) and decided to share them with you here:  Lynn was born 2/5/87 and was trialed to his working trial championship during 1995-1996.  He attained high score of 115 on sheep/ducks, but was considered equally good working all kinds of livestock.  Bob wrote, "Lynn was an all-around good dog.  He was the most consistent dog that I have ever owned.  It didn't matter if he was gathering cattle out of the pasture or running in open at a [B.C.] trial.  He always worked in a predictable manner.  He was quiet and controlled in his movement around stock.  You could count on Lynn to complete whatever job you sent him on.  His work ethic and honesty were beyond reproach; he was just an incredible dog.  I am honored that he was my dog."  Lynn spent many years keeping Bob's clinics running smoothly as well.

Photos below depict Lynn and Bob in an open trial; this is from a Ranch Dog Trainer calendar.  Lynn also made the cover of RDT with the following photo, when they caught Lynn in the act of trying to hurry Bob back to the trial field from the outhouse.  The photo of Lynn jumping to the backs of the sheep in a sorting chute accompanied an article from Successful Farming magazine about 1990.  And the photo of him sitting and waiting at the gate was taken as a young dog during earlier training days.

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