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Photo Album--Other 

great Aussies in our pedigrees

Owners listed where known

Brookridge Sheer Power "Wally"   UCI Ch Briarbrook Knight of Zion CD, CGC "Muggsy"   WTCH Ch Windsong's Raisin Cain, CD "Cain"
 BrookridgeSheerPower_Wally.jpg (41202 bytes)     m_intCH.jpg (118976 bytes)       WindsongRaisinCain.jpg (41882 bytes) 
owner Kel-Mar owner Sheri Born owner Rick Dill 6/17/76-1/30/94
AKC/UKC Ch, U-UD, U-ACH Bayshore Eggs Benedict UD, ASCA UD, SchH1, CGC  "Benny"   Texas Sand KM Ruffian Cain CD, ATDsd, STDc, HI  "Ruffian"
Cheshire Better Be "Be" or "Bertha"
  BennyCH.jpg (46686 bytes)      Ruffian8_94.jpg (134282 bytes) Ruffian.jpg (22618 bytes) Ruff7_29_93Boat.jpg (109494 bytes) Ruffian2.jpg (39502 bytes)    ChesBetrBe.jpg (60290 bytes) CheshireBetterBe.jpg (42897 bytes)
owner Laura Richardson owner Kel-Mar 
Kel-Mar's Ricochet Cain CD, ROMXII/ROMI "Ric" Ch Margi's Wee Lisa of Kel-Mar CD (Ric's dam) Kel-Mar's Rippin Ruby 
ricCain.jpg (100742 bytes) weeMargi.jpg (76308 bytes) weeMargi2.jpg (61121 bytes) weeMargiWin.jpg (75101 bytes)
owner Pam Ferrante owner Kel-Mar owner Chevreherd


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